You can't choose your family

Comedy | 2011
Christian Clavier, Muriel Rubin, Jean Reno

Living far above his means, Cesar Borgnoli, who runs an Italian car dealership, is on the edge of ruin.

His lesbian sister Alex, who lives with her partner Kim, offers help on one condition: Cesar must pass himself off as Kim’s “husband” so that they can travel to Bangkok and legally adopt little Mai, an Thai orphan. Cesar imagines he’s in for a weekend of business and pleasure… .

But the chemistry is missing between him and Kim and the local police, the Chinese Triads and some stuffed fish heads turn the weekend into a nightmare. Especially when, the false couple is greeted by Dr. Luix, the orphanage doctor, a bad tempered widower as much attached to traditional marriage as he is to little Mai. The scrupulous doctor escorts Cesar and Kim to make sure they are indeed a real married couple and so the perfect parents for Mai.

But things go wild when ravishing Alex arrives, who has flown in to get her brother out of aBangkokprison…

Director: Christian Clavier
Country: France
Runtime: 103 min