The Hotel New Hampshire

Comedy | 1984
Robe Lowe, Jodie Foster, Paul McCrane

Based on a novel by John Irving this macabre, dark and satiric film is the tale about an eccentric family that move from New England to New York to Vienna, where the Hotel New Hampshire is located. The children in the family are the main focus: John (Rob Lowe) is a student with a deep-rooted desire for his own sister; Franny (Jodie Foster) is the eldest daughter, a victim of a gang rape, now morbidly fascinated by one of the rapists, and equally attracted to her brother with incestuous desire; Frank (Paul McCrane) is the younger gay brother; and Lilly (Jennifer Dundas) is the little sister who blossoms into a famous author. One friend of the family, Freud (Wallace Shawn), has been blinded by the Nazis and is running the Hotel New Hampshire in Vienna when he asks everyone to come and help him out. By this time, the plot has run out of room, and the climactic endings to several unresolved relationships happen in quick succession.

Director: Tony Richardson
Country: UK, Canada, USA
FSK: 16
Runtime: 109 min