Personal Effects

Romance | 2008
Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, Kathy Bates, Anna Mae Routledge

Seeking vengeance for the murder of his sister, a young man, Walter (Ashton Kutcher) arrives in town only to get sidetracked by a beautiful older woman, Linda (Michelle Pfeifer) with emotional wounds very similar to his own. As both Linda and Walter try to cope with the pain and frustration of their loss, the two bond - their shared tragedies spawning an unlikely and beautiful romance.

For Linda, Walter is soon more than just a companion. He becomes a mentor to her troubled son, a fatherless boy who cannot come to grips with his dad's death. That is until he finds solace in Walter the only offering a better way to channel pent up fury.

Director: David Hollander
Country: USA, Germany
FSK: 12
Runtime: 110 min